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Sunday Music by Legacy Jazz

Class at Simsbury High
Jim Bissonnette – Bass 1968
Keith Coakley - Piano 1970
Jim Martocchio - Saxes & Flute 1970
Don Mylchreest - Drums 1969

Well we made it through 50 years, and we are still going! And no one is more amazed than we are that we’re still alive, kicking, and playing fun music together.

We started at the 1967 Simsbury Summer Music Camp run by John Faballi and Bill Cannon. The first tune we played was Paul Desmond's Take 5, which we copied off a scratchy Dave Brubeck record. We have played that tune at every gig since. Then on we went to play back up at Simsbury High School's junior class play, A Thurber Carnival. The magic never stopped. We were the young jazz whiz kids playing at the Side Kick (outside at the Pettibone Tavern), Black Dog Taverns, wedding parties, and wherever we could find an audience.

Eventually we landed some steady gigs. We outlasted several owners at the Hopbrook Restaurant in Simsbury. There we picked up our only long-term singer, KC Jones, who moonlighted as Olympian, NBA basketball player, and coach for the Boston Celtics. He was an amazing gentleman and a wonderful musical collaborator with us for ten years, until age made remembering lyrics difficult. We carried on. We played extended gigs at the One Way Fare (now Plan B), La Trattoria (still a great place with live music), and any place we could find an audience and sometimes a pay check.

We are currently enjoying a long run at Lost Acres Vineyard in North Granby. Kevin and Michelle are gracious hosts and serve the Granby Community and their patrons greatly. Art shows are ongoing and other great entertainers appear regularly (check out And, by the way, the wine they produce is fantastic. So please come and help us celebrate 50 years of friendship, collaboration, and music!
Come when you can and tip generously. We’re old and on fixed incomes.


April 14th, 2019, including 5/19/19, 6/9/2019, 7/14/19, 9/15/2019, 10/20/2019, 11/10/2019.

1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Lost Acres Vineyard

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Community Event


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