Hello Granby Chamber of Commerce and members!

We will be launching the new version of the HARTFORD COUNTY WOMEN MAGAZINE  this fall, and we would love for your chamber
to be a part of it!
Besides regular advertising opportunities, we are offering some FREE services that would appeal to your chamber and your members.

This segment showcases non-profit events that you may be holding, such as a charitable dinner, races, golf tournament etc.
Also headshots and write ups on changes of Officers and Board members.
Also, a section in there where your Chamber breakfasts or luncheons, meetings, after 5's etc would be mentioned along with all the contact information.
For your members, we offer the same services, and also a great section

This is a section where we feature NEW HIRES, PROMOTIONS, AWARDS,changes in officers of different
women's organizations etc.

Currently the OLD issue, is up, but that will change the first of October.
We have over 45,000 established readership, and our demographic is 18 to 65 on average.
Our sister publication www.westernmasswomen.com has been in business for over 17 years, and is a highly respected
brand in Western Mass.

WMWM  will lend a hand with promos and ads for the NEW Hartford County Women Magazine.Our publications including the
 Hartford County Women magazine is on Facebook, and Twitter and more social platforms will be added,
in addition to the HCWM website.

If you have a schedule of events, new officers, and your members have info we would appreciate the opportunity to
put it on our website for our readership.

If you have any questions please let me know, I am here to help and promote
local and regional business in our area.
Having served on the board and as Vice President of the West of the River Chamber for several years, I know the importance of the Chambers of Commerce and the services they provide to their members.
We want to be a part of your media for you and your members and
We look forward to working with you!


Dee Ferrero Publisher - dferrero@westernmasswomen.com


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