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Tender Care Learning Center

1 Salmon Brook St., Granby, Connecticut 06035

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One of the largest non-profit childhood education programs in the US, Bradford Child Care Services is on the cutting edge of early child care and education. By stressing the integration of early educational components within a child care environment, the schools operating under Bradford Child Care Services are expanding the horizons of early childhood education. Both Tender Care and Apple Tree preschools have served as a model for how to seamlessly integrate a loving environment with early education. Bradford Child Care Services operates within the parameters of our own, unique set of guiding principles. Chief among these is the sincere desire to provide children with an environment that is safe and nurturing, while also being conducive to exploration, interaction, and personalized learning paces. We believe that a loving environment is more likely to encourage children to reach their potential, and that this environment is best fostered when appropriate resources meet dedicated staff. We opt to have our school environments feel more like "home". Children who are in an environment that feels warm and inviting and that allow free exploration are more conducive to learning. We pride ourselves on community involvement, and the communication corridors we maintain with the parents of our children. The reality is that learning is not something that only takes place during a few hours during the day. We view parental involvement as a pivotal factor in a child's education, and are proud of the partnerships we foster with parents. The Directors and Teachers at our schools are unbelievably committed. We believe they need to have an understanding of how children learn and grow. When teachers know developmental growth patterns, they can anticipate developmental needs and create environments and activities that encourage emerging skills without frustration or fear of failure. This means your child will be led by qualified instructors that genuinely care about their development.


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